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The old farms became worker villages with red bricks houses, and a neo-gothic church was created, which still exists as the Saint Sebastian and Saint Cecilia Parish Church. The large West Zone Zona Oestelong cut off by the mountainous terrain, had been made more easily accessible to those on the South Zone by new roads and tunnels by the end of the 20th century. As there was no physical space or urban structure to accommodate hundreds of noblemen who arrived suddenly, many inhabitants were simply evicted from their homes. The territory of the former Federal District became its own state, Guanabaraafter the bay that borders it to the east, encompassing just the city of Rio de Janeiro. However, the Bangu Football Club was not formally created until The first printed newspaper in Brazil, the Gazeta do Rio de Janeirocame into circulation during this period. Street cinemas and cultural buildings also appeared. There was a large influx of African slaves to Rio de Janeiro: The South Zone Zona Sul of the city, reaching the beaches fringing the open sea, is cut off from the Centre and from the North Zone by coastal mountains.

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The basis of this framework is technological: Stone Age, Bronze Age, and Iron Age, each age being technologically more complex than the one before it. Thomsen came up with this idea after noticing that the artefacts found in archaeological sites displayed regularity in terms of the material that they were made with: This suggested that metal technology developed later than stone-made tools.

Dating from around , this is a great studio amp: all the balls and vibe of an AC without the hearing damage: it sounds lovely. The tremolo is really good, the footswitch is original – the handle is a later replacement, as is the logo – however it is original where it counts and is a joy to play through.

The result of their work was introduced to the world in January of Rather than design an entirely new amplifier from scratch, Denney decided to stick with what he knew was a winning design and doubled the power of his beloved AC The unforgettable sound of their jangling guitars would become the standard for great guitar tone for decades. This song, and the frenzy that was to follow this young group in the months to come, would result in VOX becoming the most sought after guitar amplifier in the world.

The massive success achieved by VOX in the s laid the foundation for the legacy that continues to thrive nearly 60 years later. Many of the same amplifiers that artists relied on back then are still going strong today. With the ability to offer both classic, all-tube designs and sophisticated modeling technology, VOX Amplification has an amplifier that will suit the needs of any modern guitarist.

The sound of VOX amplifiers has left a lasting impact on popular music that still reverberates today. The most influential artists in the world continue to rely on VOX amplifiers to deliver world-class tone in the finest studios and on the biggest stages around the globe.

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In a moment I shall explain why the president is right and his critics are wrong. But first a brief recap of what the fuss is all about. These retweets showed videos, purportedly of members of the Religion of Peace TM behaving less than peacefully. One depicted a bearded Muslim destroying a statue of the Virgin Mary. One showed an Islamist mob pushing a teenage boy off a roof and then beating him to death.

As was BBC news, which made this horror its lead story.

These mounds are what’s left, the last reminder dating uninterrupted to the 18th century of the Continental Army’s Cambridge presence. Open in Google Maps

These women are obviously doing quality control for boxed frozen peas. Note the flat printed pea boxes. I am going to make a recreation of this later in the year. Addendum early Sept I have no idea what this equipment is. Possibly vats for freezing fluid of some sort, or perhaps these are pressure cookers. Apparently this position required a degree in standing around day-dreaming.

Now to pack them, and good to go! Front design of the factory box for packing two dozen eleven ounce garden pea cans, circa A possibility is that the same float had been used in the parade for a number of years. If these really are one-offs, in that respect they are an important find for this genre of Kiwiana collectables. I was able to see exactly what the label of the 11 ounce can of peas looks like in , as well as the two-dozen-can box that the finished product was packed into for shipping -which I have recreated both of here.

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Dating the Iroquois Confederacy , by Bruce E. The Haudenosaunee Iroquois Confederacy, one of the world’s oldest democracies, is at least three centuries older than most previous estimates, according to research by Barbara Mann and Jerry Fields of Toledo University, Ohio. Using a combination of documentary sources, solar eclipse data, and Iroquois oral history, Mann and Fields assert that the Iroquois Confederacy’s body of law was adopted by the Senecas the last of the five nations to ratify it August 31, The ratification council convened at a site that is now a football field in Victor, New York.

The site is called Gonandaga by the Seneca.

On this date at Daily Kos in —No, food stamps don’t cause obesity: A recent story in the Washington Post provided a look at the cheap food options affordable on a food stamp budget, and.

Bibliography[ edit ] Anglo-Norman Dictionary, online version: BRUN, Laurent , c. Presses Universitaires de France. English Medieval Diplomatic Practice. A guide to texts and manuscripts, with the collaboration of Maureen B. Proceedings of the Aberystwyth Colloquium, 21—22 July , ed.

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Biological evolution is change in the characteristics of living organisms over generations. Despite your vastly superior tastes in music and fashion, you probably look vaguely like your parents, just as they look vaguely like their parents. For all of recorded history, people have looked more or less the same:

Dating the Iroquois Confederacy, by Bruce E. Johansen, pp. The Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) Confederacy, one of the world’s oldest democracies, is at least three centuries older than most previous estimates, according to research by Barbara Mann and Jerry Fields of Toledo University, Ohio.

Over geologic time, continents collide and fuse together. They also split apart, along rifts. Croix River cuts through a series of lava flows. Seth Stein Rifts are linear features along which continents stretch. When a rift succeeds, the continent splits, and a new ocean basin forms between the two parts of the continent. The cliffs on the shores of Lake Superior—and the lake itself—are part of such a fossilized rift. It stands as one of the best examples of a failed rift Figure 1.

However, a puzzle remains. Why was the MCR so magma rich? Scientists are beginning to tease out answers. Second, the MCR failed to split the continent because compression from a mountain-building episode ended the extension and volcanism. This mountain building, called the Grenville orogeny, finished about million years ago and was associated with the assembly of Laurentia and other continental blocks into the supercontinent of Rodinia.

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Look what happened in Texas a few years ago, as reported by PhysOrg: In the summer of , a week of heavy rains in Central Texas caused Canyon Lake — the reservoir of the Canyon Dam — to flood over its spillway and down the Guadalupe River Valley in a planned diversion to save the dam from catastrophic failure. The flood, which continued for six weeks, stripped the valley of mesquite, oak trees, and soil; destroyed a bridge; and plucked meter-wide boulders from the ground.

Another mid-major scheduling article? Despite the long odds and countless obstacles, some mid-major teams have a knack for putting together competitive schedules.

Origin[ edit ] Like many classic folk ballads, “The House of the Rising Sun” is of uncertain authorship. Musicologists say that it is based on the tradition of broadside ballads, and thematically it has some resemblance to the 16th-century ballad The Unfortunate Rake. Roy Acuff , an “early-day friend and apprentice” of Ashley’s, learned it from him and recorded it as “Rising Sun” on November 3, On an expedition with his wife to eastern Kentucky , Lomax set up his recording equipment in Middlesboro, Kentucky , in the house of the singer and activist Tilman Cadle.

In , he recorded a performance by Georgia Turner , the year-old daughter of a local miner. He called it The Rising Sun Blues. In his songbook Our Singing Country, Lomax credits the lyrics to Turner, [11] with reference to Martin’s version. Early folk and blues releases[ edit ] This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. November Learn how and when to remove this template message In , Woody Guthrie recorded a version. A recording made in by Libby Holman and Josh White who is also credited with having written new words and music that have subsequently been popularized in the versions made by many other later artists was released by Mercury Records in

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Geologists find a new active fault in Nepal that potentially links climate with mountain building Arjun Heimsath A Dartmouth researcher is part of a team that has discovered a new active “thrust fault” at the base of the Himalaya in Nepal. This new fault likely accommodates some of the subterranean pressure caused by the continuing collision of the Indian subcontinent with Asia.

The study, titled “Active out-of-sequence thrust faulting in the central Nepalese Himalaya,” was published in the Apr. It’s sometimes called the classic chicken-or-egg problem in geomorphology. The new fault is found in an area where there is a dramatic change in the structure of the landscape, and it is in a region where the rainfall and erosion rates are among the highest in the world. Heimsath explained that as India continues to collide with Asia, the Himalayan Mountain Range grows a centimeter or more each year, and then the monsoons help bring about the erosion of the same mountains.

The Vox Continental is a transistorized combo organ that was introduced in Having a characteristic bright but thin, breathy sound, the “Connie”, as it was affectionately known, was designed for touring musicians. It was also intended to replace heavy tonewheel organs, such as the revered Hammond B3.

But this was misleading. He was, and remained to the end of his life, just as rooted as Morrison in the hippie, anti-Establishment ideals of the late Sixties. Without Morrison, it is certain that The Doors would not have become the cultural force they were; yet without Manzarek, The Doors probably would not have existed at all. But such exuberance rested on an essential foundation of training and technique.

As a result, The Doors were able to dispense with a bass player in favour of a note Fender Roads bass keyboard attached to the Vox Continental. So it was very easy for me to do. At school he was a talented basketball player, but gave up the game following a disagreement with his coach.

Jsmith trying out the new “Vox Continental 73” Nov. 24, 2017