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One enterprising person in the Magadh region, which comprises of 10 districts in south-central Bihar, found a way to lessen the acute water crisis afflicting the region by adopting irrigation and water conservation system dating back to the Mauryan empire which ruled vast swathes of North India approximately years ago. Rabindra Pathak, a scholar in Sanskrit and Pali who taught at a local college in Arwal town, started the Magadh Jal Jamaat MJJ in to revive traditional ahars abandoned reservoirs that once collected and stored rainwater run-off , and pynes channels diverting water from rivers. For representational purposes only Source: Mega Pixel Once a grain bowl, modern-day Magadh was suffering from acute water shortage because of exploitative modern agriculture practices that severely depleted the groundwater, erratic rainfall, insufficient water canals and an inability to acknowledge long abandoned traditional reservoirs. Farmers left the field in search of employment opportunities in the city and the water crisis compelled residents in well-off urban localities to sell their land at extremely low prices. In response to this crisis and lack of initiative from local authorities, Pathak and a network of locals began working to revive these pynes and ahars.

Indian State of Bihar

Share Tweet Subscribe When it comes to tour options in India, the beauty and cultural vastness of the state of Bihar is often underestimated. Nonetheless, the Bihar government has been taking significant steps into attracting visitors to the state. With a major focus on the historical and religious sites, the tourism department is all set to ensure the best travel experience to visitors. Listed below are some of the best tourist attractions you must visit in Bihar:

SC pulls up Bihar Police for failing to arrest former minister Manju Verma, summons DGP. The Supreme Court on Monday pulled up Bihar Police for its failure to arrest former Bihar social welfare minister Manju Verma over recovery of ammunitions from her home.

October to March Clothing: Summer — Cottons Winter – Heavy Woollens. What to See Top Golghar: Alarmed by the famine of , captain John Garstin built this huge granary for the British army in The massive structure is 29 m high and the walls are 3. The winding stairway around this monument offers a brilliant panoramic view of the city and the Ganga flowing by.

A memorial to seven freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives in the Quit India Movement of August , the Martyr’s Memorial is a modern sculpture facing the Secretariat, where they were shot in their attempt to host the national flag. The Har Mandir Takht, one of the four sacred shrines of the Sikhs, stands at this holy site. The original temple was built by Maharaja Ranjit Singh, and contains belongings of the Guru and Sikh holy texts. The Patna Museum houses a First World War cannon, metal and stone sculptures of the Mauryan and Gupta periods, Buddhist sculptures and quaint terracotta figures.

A 16 m long fossilised tree is one of its special features. Adjacent to Har Mandir Sahib, on the bank of the Ganga, is this beautiful mosque built by Parwez Shah, son of Jehangir, when he was the governor of Bihar. Sher Shah Suri Masjid:

Photos of Bodh Gaya: These Images of Bihar’s Prime Pilgrim Spot Will Tempt You Visit It This Winter

List of cities in Bihar As of the India census , [5] Bhagalpur town has a population of , , while the district as a whole has a population of 3 million. It is the 3rd largest city in Bihar in terms of urban population. Bhagalpur has an average literacy rate of

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Lalu convicted in third fodder scam case: Lalu has been embroiled in a controversy and named in several cases, dating back to when he was railways minister under the UPA-I government , and Bihar chief minister Lalu, who has been active in politics for over four decades, was instrumental in launching his wife, Rabri Devi, and sons Tejashwi Pratap Yadav and Tej Pratap Yadav in politics as well.

Rabri Devi served as CM of the state for three terms between and Tej Pratap was health minister in the Nitish Kumar cabinet till July this year. Here are some of the cases against Lalu and his family Fodder case In , Lalu Prasad was charged under sections of the IPC for forgery, criminal conspiracy and under the Prevention of Corruption Act, in connection with the fodder scam. The CBI, which was probing allegations of embezzlement of government treasury funds to non-existent companies for purchase and supply of cattle fodder in Bihar, had found irregularities worth Rs crore.

The case forced Lalu, then CM of the state, to resign.

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List of cities in Bihar As of the India census , [5] Bhagalpur town has a population of , , while the district as a whole has a population of 3 million. It is the 3rd largest city in Bihar in terms of urban population. Bhagalpur has an average literacy rate of The Vikramshila Gangetic Dolphin Sanctuary was established to protect the endangered Gangetic dolphins. This is the only sanctuary in Asia for the conservation of Gangetic dolphins.

Once found easily in Ganga , today only Gangetic dolphins are left in the world.

“It was a bad as the last earthquake, very bad,” said the deputy administrator of Hela Province, Pius Pape. “It caused further damage to houses, landslides a lot of damage to infrastructure.”.

Do you need sex without obligations? It is also the main centre of commerce or the commercial capital of Eastern and north eastern India. It is also known as city of joy. However, the mid-sized cities of Asansol , Durgapur , Siliguri in West Bengal are rapidly growing urban areas. West Bengal is the highest contributor of GDP among all other eastern state for India and it is also one of the Fastest-growing states in India.

West Bengal is the hub of industry and economic activisties in Eastern India and it is also the home to the tallest skylines located in this region and are also among one of the tallest buildings in the country.

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It was the ancient capital city of the Magadha kings until the 5th century BC when Udayin BC , son of Ajatshatru, moved the capital to Pataliputra. Shishunaga founded Shishunaga dynasty in BCE with Rajgir as its initial capital before it was moved to Pataliputra. Ajatashatru kept his father Bimbsara in captivity here.

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Pin2 65 Shares If history fascinates you, land in Patna, the capital of Bihar on your vacation. Patna has ancient elements written all over it. It is the largest town in Bihar and its history dates back to years. During ancient times, the city was famously known as Pataliputra and it served capital of Magadha kingdom. Ruled by various dynasties, the land reflects the influences of varied culture and lifestyle.

You may want to take a long vacation to enjoy the essence of Patna, which was one amongst the earliest lands inhabited. Located 5 kms from Patna, Kumrahar gives you an insight into the rich history of Patna.

Top 6 Tourist Sites You Must Visit on your Bihar Tour

Nalanda was initially a prosperous village by a major trade route that ran through the nearby city of Rajagriha modern Rajgir which was then the capital of Magadha. Gautama Buddha too is said to have delivered lectures in a nearby mango grove named Pavarika and one of his two chief disciples, Shariputra , was born in the area and later attained nirvana there. Sariputra and Moglayayana become disciples of Buddha Not much is known of Nalanda in the centuries hence. He also places 3rd-century CE luminaries such as the Mahayana philosopher, Nagarjuna , and his disciple, Aryadeva , at Nalanda with the former also heading the institution.

Taranatha also mentions a contemporary of Nagarjuna named Suvishnu building temples at the location.

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Excursions Vaishali today is a small village surrounded by banana and mango groves as well as rice fields. But excavations in the area have brought to light an impressive historical past. The epic Ramayana tells the story of the heroic King Vishal who ruled here. Historians maintain that one of the world’s first democratic republics with an elected assembly of representatives flourished here in the 6th century B.

And while Pataliputra, capital of the Mauryas and the Guptas, held political sway over the Gangetic plain, Vaishali was the center for trade and industry. Lord Buddha visited Vaishali frequently and at Kolhua, close by, preached his last sermon. To commemorate the event, Emperor Ashoka, in the third century B. A hundred years after the Mahaparinirvana of the Buddha – Vaishali hosted the second great Buddhist council.

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